“Life is a test. Everything around us is designed to test us, forge us as if we were metal in the smelters, a mighty sword being hammered by our actions and surrounded by the fires of the multiverse. As we make decisions, we either dull the blade, or sharpen it beyond the imaginations of anyone in the multiverse. We ascend or descend through the ladder; in each life we move up or down it based on our decisions. Life is a karmic cycle: were we a slug in the previous life, then a prime in this one? Anyone can advance to the mantle of godhood, all that’s required is the proper outlook on things and the proper actions. The ‘powers’ now aren’t so incredibly special: they’re just people like ourselves that have taken the right actions, learned the right lessons, and ascended through the karmic wheel into their current positions. Work hard, and you could be one, too.”

In this campaign, players become members of Believers of the Source, also known as Godsmen, after a strange terrorist style attack releases a Taint, an ancient destructive force back into the world. The party slowly reveals more to the mystery as the world falls apart as the campaign progresses, and hopefully they will be able to piece back the remnants of society into a functioning world one step at a time.

Act one consisted of the party trying to find some semblance of peace and taking missions to restore the world through the Godsmen. It ended when the team reassembled Project Satan, a psiforged designed to combat a great evil known as Pandorym.

Act two has Pandorym slowly gaining power as the party begins shaping the world to fight off his assault, and dealing with the consequences of their actions from the first act.

Welcome aboard!
If you’re a member of the game feel free to get started here. After familiarizing yourself with the game world and viewing the Historical Setting, feel free to browse the profiles of the remaining Godsmen of the Northwest Division. It’s a big living world, try not to get overwhelmed.

New (8/11/11)
I’ve added two pages, Unanswered Questions in order to help pull some of the story together for those who are just joining the campaign now. And also An Effort to Make Better Characters which gives great advice on making characters and will hopefully mean I don’t have to hold anyone’s hand anymore.

New ( September 2014)
Oh Lawdy we’re playing again! I’ll be updating things progressively and moving stuff around to better adapt things to our current run through.
For now, be aware that the Gamerscore Store is not really applicable in its current state. Achievements are still good though.

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The Godsmen Apocalypse

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