The Godsmen Apocalypse

Completing Portals (Act 1)

All for science.

Notes Only

Nick Thrusts the psicrystal off of the altar to his cohort.

Nick’s Lizard was sent to prison, Nick died, Jon ran off. Josh succumbs completely to Nerull and brings them back. Then they win and Josh is forced to kill his cohort.

The samurai is killed and Cory’s character attacks Nick’s psion because he won’t return the psicrystal. Cory get’s killed due to Jon’s sculpted invisible fireballs. Josh’s only character (previously referred to as a cohort) swallows the psicrystal.

They go through and get stabbed by demons. They go through 6 and Jon crab flying for cover to the igloo. He meets the two Goliaths they were looking for, but doesn’t think anything about it. One of which is decked out in purple knight’s armor and the other (who his friend called “Stubbly”) who both think he’s crazy due to the weird things he asked them.

The game was called after Jon went back to his friends.



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