The Godsmen Apocalypse


Some are easier than others

The party begins a serious discussion on leaving the current mission to attempt going to the Catalogues of Enlightenment on Mechanus.

They decide to rest another day in order to have air walk ready and go to the cavern that Caden Ras told them to visit.

Alexis awoke to discover she was covered in lumps and feverish. Purifier Henderson again identified her as being corrupted and healed her of the corruption.

They deliberated for a while and left at 10 am during a light snowfall.
Big Bad John carries all but KB (who had assumed the form of a shadow dragon through alter self)and walks through the air for several miles in order to reach their destination. Purifier Henderson believes that there is something wrong with the way snow is falling around them. The party, unable to see what he’s talking about, believes that journeying through this tainted land has addled his senses.

After a little over an hour the party finds the entrance to the cavern they desire nestled at the base of a mountain. The party approaches and Purifier Henderson leaps off in order to glide his way down. He continues into the cave along with KB as Big Bad John lands gingerly.

The party discovers a layer of crushed ice covering the ground in this cavern, it provides enough texture to walk on, but to run requires a bit of effort not to fall. The walls are naturally formed and the thin layer of ice covering the stone allows the light to carry deep into the cavern. KB points out that the cavern’s walls have been routinely brushed against, but that there are no tracks in the snow.

KB scouts ahead and discovers a beautiful iced over lake. The walls are relatively smooth in this new area. Overhead there are a number of stalactites still occasionally dripping onto the surface of the iced lake. A giant stalactite, well over thirty feet around, protrudes from the ceiling at the far end of this new area. An iced over rope bridge stretches across the water to a landing beneath the stalactite. In the lake were several stalactites that had fallen into the lake and been locked in place as the lake refroze. The jagged edges of the stalactites peeking above the ice are covered in a layer of frost. Purifier Henderson believes that large frogs perched on several of the fallen stalactites. The party disregards his observation, and even chides him.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, KB crossed the bridge partway and uses his wand of_spontaneous search_. Much to his surprise, KB discovers that there are indeed Ice Toads (Frostburn) on several of the fallen stalactites. The party slowly backs out of the room and Big Bad John practices for a while to change the maneuvers he has prepared and the party prepares themselves to kill the frogs.

The party had intended to kill the frogs because they were existing as the party believes something about this place to be a trap. After considering what they were about to do, KB comes to the conclusion that the frogs were not attack them and the team may wish to simply walk by.

Purifier Henderson uses his trained ability to discover that the taint of evil was not present in this area. This is the first area that has not been tainted since they’ve come to this land. However the party does not make much of that fact and continues on to the end of the bridge.

They discovered that the platform at the edge of the bridge was actually a large stalagmite that had been shorn off at the top in order to create a flattened surface beneath the giant stalactite. After a quick search the party finds a climbers kit. Purifier Henderson flies up and sees that people have clearly been climbing the giant stalagtite.

The party continues to tease the purifier with regard to him “seeing dragons”, but nonetheless permit Purifier Henderson to cast his final air walk and allow Big Bad John to carry the team upward.

They follow the giant stalactite to the top and discover that it is adjoined by a larger cavern. They put down on the new ledge and take in the surroundings.

The new cavern is quite wide, with several large sheets of ice intentionally formed to cover the path. Alexis breaks away part of the ice at her feet in order to throw it through the sheet. However KB stops her, going up to the ice sheet to push on it. He pushes it until it breaks and he gets covered by shards of ice. He becomes seriously wounded, with his own blood gushing out of an artery in his leg which was nearly severed off from the shards. Alexis laughs at their charismatic leader while Purifier Henderson improvises a way to stop the bleeding using pressure and ice.

Big Bad John decides he has had enough and approaches the second ice sheet. He stares the ice sheet down, concentrating hard before striking it with his weapon. He is promptly hit as a cascade of ice shards come crashing down around him. The searing pain of the injury sends him into a bloodthirsty frenzy. Unable to control himself, he focuses his gaze on the remaining sheet of ice he bellows a ferocious roar and crashes through it. As the shards of ice cut his skin away he comes face to face with a White Dragon (Monster Manual).

In his heated frenzy he charges at it, causing the dragon to unleash a blast of cold. The cold is absorbed by the resist elements spell that Purifier Henderson had previously cast. Big Bad John leaps up to strike the dragon even through the fear within him.

Alexis believes that maybe this was the dragon that the party was supposed to speak with. Knowing that her uncle hates evil dragons, she grapples him to prevent him from attacking. This immediately causes consternation in KB who moves ahead to assist Big Bad John.

The dragon uses his spell like ability to cover the area in fog. Big Bad John wanders in the fog while the dragon swoops out to combat those still remaining at the mouth of the cavern in front of the drop off. The dragon attempts to blast them with a gust of wind.

The party endures the blast without being pushed over the edge, and only some of the party is affected by the frightening display of the combat prowess of a white dragon.

Purifier Henderson convinces Alexis to let him go, she does, and he flies up to the dragon, scoring a successful hit with his Rod of Sanctity (Heroes of Horror) that deals negligible damage.

The dragon retreats into the mist again. KB calls out “If ye be good, reveal thyself!” The dragon responds back in draconic, “I defend these lands, you are clearly in league with the enemy, you are not welcome here.”

Big Bad John attempts to pursue the creature but becomes lost in the fog. Eventually he becomes tired and comes down.

After the fog fades, the voice of KB speaks out: “That was a bad idea.”

The party chastises Alexis on her decisions. They liken her actions to what it would have been like if they had prevented Purifier Henderson from assisting her when she was getting her bones drank.

After hearing their words (and a heated talk with Caven), Alexis approaches the rest of the party and offers her apologies for her actions. She goes on to inform them that she is in their debt until they decide that she has undone her slights against them. With this new pledge she receives forgiveness.



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