The Godsmen Apocalypse

Finishing Up (Act 1)


Nick Mindlinks with the bone wall.

They complete that portal and receive the psicrystal. Following that they enter a different portal that contained many platforms slowly descending into lava.

To reset the trap, Ariel Arcandancesacrificed her arm in a gruesome device that succeeded in providing a way forward. The party then reached an odd looking ceremonial fountain filled with sand and discovered the corpse of the adventurer that had taken the final word to their last puzzle.

The trap was designed to steal the youth from those who willingly gave it, and Josh’s monk, Nick’s Psion, and Ariel Arcandance each gave enough years of their life to be truly considered old nearing venerable.

Recovering the psicrystal from that puzzle, the group entered into the only remaining portal and discovered that the prior adventurer had nearly completed it. The final location of the psicrystal was only obtainable by a Godsmen, however, and since he was unable to complete the room, he had stolen the last piece to the portal out of malice. Considering the group’s allegiance, they were able to acquire the last psicrystal and joyfully installed them into Project Satan.

After Project Satan was activated, he revealed that the group was currently on the Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo and that the force keeping him contained was also keeping the area stabilized. As the world fell apart, the group immediately used their portal stick to return to Oswald’s house. Things were certainly different than they recalled, as three months had passed in their absence and the arcane markings heralding the return of Pandorym were faintly etched into the sky.

Thus began Act Two of the campaign.



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