The Godsmen Apocalypse

Getting Reaquainted (Act 2)

Every new beginning.

After recovering, Desmond Tiny teleports everyone to the new locale at the Isla de Frie. Desmond regenerates Ariel Arcandance’s arm.

The remaining Godsmen of the party have been promoted to full standing members and are now able to enjoy all the benefits of full membership. Ariel goes through the right to become keyed to portal sticks. One more week has passed and the party is good to go.

Current missions:

1) Check the status of Khedesh and evaluate the possibility of getting a Godsman cell going.
2) Assist Wintermoore in dealing with The Negromancer.
3) (Informal) Josh’s Samurai received a letter asking him to come to Mistedge.
4) Investigating Oakwell Tower.
5) Oversee a funeral.
6) Assist Abdul in checking his security measures.
7) (Informal) Comb over the remnants of the Northwest Division.
8) (From New Steve) Assault Vecna’s fortress and force him to reveal the situation of the world.

New Steve’s advice: Recruit at every opportunity.

The Stubblies decline assisting the party going to , Captain Ahab recommends asking Pete. He and Project Satan accompany the party.

They get attacked by a corruption eater while St. Lucky Pete requests that they gather the bodies near him for a funeral ceremony. They make their way through a number of Corruption Eaters [Heroes of Horror p 144] and Taint Elementals [HoH p 145] to the main keep (after letting those Corruption Eaters free to run about the landscape).



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