The Godsmen Apocalypse

Meeting dem Stubblies (Act 1)

While journeying ever onward.

Notes Only

Nick flies forth to meet the stubblies and has a much better time interacting with them than Ariel did. There was a tense moment when Stubbly the Wild was burned and went into a blood frenzy.

They teleport/run to the steel igloo as a party and are attacked by Dunewinders [Sandstorm 159]. They easily dispatch them and get a new psicrystal. Josh takes Stubbly Wallace’s psicrystal and installs that and the new one into Project Satan’s crystalline prison.

They go through gate 2. They come upon the gates of rejection and pass. Then they approach the bone door and fashion it into a person and pass on some genetic material. Noone wants to give it a tongue, especially Stubbly Wallace.

The session ended with the group pondering how to proceed through this new puzzle.



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