The Godsmen Apocalypse

Project Satan Beginning (Act 1)

Beginning of the end.

After going through the portal to the outskirts of Nigburg, Desmond informs the group that they have no way back, so hopefully his friend is not dead. No one says anything and they stand around for a while before departing.

They reach the house of Desmond Tiny’s friend Oswald Fiddlebender and find him to be alive and doing quite well. Desmond requests that his friend make a new batch of portal sticks for the Godsmen. Oswald is in the middle of a project that could take 6 months to finish, but if they could retrieve a copy of a stick he could easily replicate it. The last one he had he gave to a pair of Goliaths who went hunting for Project Satan, a cryptic task that has sent many potential adventurers to death. After agreeing to return the portal stick (and being forced to swear an oath to find Project Satan) the group set off to the Abyss to locate the Goliaths.

After getting through a series of devious and deadly illusions (and Corey’s character selling his soul to a demon unknowingly) the group entered the chamber containing Project Satan in an unfinished state. In order to become activated, he needed seven more crystals to be entered into his body. The group solves a clever word puzzles for six portals and enters number 7, one that was previously finished by someone who had come before.

They enter a walled in area with no ceiling (that is evidently suspended in the air by an unseen force) that contained three Sword Archons (Book of Exalted Deeds). They were set to guard one psi-crystal in order to preserve it for the time when Project Satan would be needed to fight. The Sword Archons informed the group that the search for Project Satan would inevitably drive the group insane and they would attack the angels in order to recover the crystal, but that the group was free to stand guard with them indefinitely. Their words rang true and Corey’s character was killed in battle by their Discorporating Dive ability that sent Corey’s soul to a prison in the Seven Heavens of Celestia where he will remain indefinitely because they never release an unrepentantly evil person’s soul (and also because no one yet lives there to pass judgment on him).



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