The Godsmen Apocalypse

Wrapping Up the Tower (Act 1)

Onto a good faith mission.

The foe on the next floor that the assassin had warned them about had a strikingly deranged appearance. His hair and armor were covered with numerous self inflicted scars and he clearly had not bathed in days. He wielded his spiked chain with deadly efficiency, intentionally striking out at anything within reach as he passed by, and often at himself when no target presented itsself. His path was seemingly aimless, but his keen eyes missed nothing, not even Shade could pass by. He was once a normal human but Dirk Morganstern explained that when an individual rapidly surpasses the threshold of severe depravity, he can become a creature known as a “Tainted Raver.”

A Tainted Raver (Heroes of Horror p 154) is in a constant state of madness that strengthens their muscles and reflexes. The taint that has corrupted their mind courses through their system and drastically improves the rate at which their body naturally regenerates. Given this new found knowledge, the party wisely decided to sneak their way past the mad man on the following floor.

The process was fairly straightforward, Elliot wildshaped into a cheetah and kept his attention while the rest of the party searched for an exit. To their horror, the key to the next floor was tied around the madman’s neck (and of course their assassin refused to simply pick the lock, demanding instead that the group “broaden their horizons”).

Quick thinking, and a grease spell from Jonathan, got the key off of the spiked chain wielder and allowed the group to progress to the penultimate floor.

The following floor was a gauntlet across many spinning blades and moving floors. Unfortunately the entire floor was under an antimagic spell that activated once the party threw the switch to open the first door.

After sustaining more than a few injuries, the party eventually made their way to the final stairwell and climbed it hesitantly. They discovered that the top floor to the merciless tower held only one prisoner, Carson Biggums, though he certainly was not what they were expecting.

As they entered the only room of the top floor, they came face to face with an enormous gold dragon. Though he was restrained by large spikes and his wings had been torn to prevent flight, the creature known to the group as “Carson Biggums” was still a terrifying sight. It was difficult to gauge his emotions upon seeing his rescue team, but more than one party member broke the silence with “Holy shit! You’re a dragon!”

Choosing to ignore their rudeness, the gold dragon instructed the crew in the delicate matter of releasing him. Before complying, Josh’s character desired to know the situation “Carson” was resulted in that demanded his imprisonment.

Carson patiently explained in excruciatingly precise detail as to how he systematically hunted and eliminated the drow Lords of the Underdark before embarking upon an entire genocide of the species. Though nearly successful, the Mercykillers apprehended him before he completed his task. Josh’s rage was contained only due to the aura generated by his cohort’s Vow of Peace. With significant regrets, the group released Carson and returned to the Godsmen encampment after retracing their steps through the prison.

Upon returning, the group debriefed, spent some of their earnings and met with Desmond Tiny to go over the details of their upcoming trip of good will.

Desmond’s friend Ozzy lived a few days due east of Nigberg, and remained out of contact after the initial terrorist attacks. Fearing the worst, Desmond finally called in the favor Josh had long owed and the group was set to leave the next morning.

(The party gains 5000xp for the mission and is given 18,000 gp to spend).



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