Anago Baldwin

Master of Many Forms


Anago is a reclusive woodsman that provides food for the Northwest Division. He has never been seen in his “original” form, preferring instead to remain wildshaped at all hours of the day.

Interactions with the Party

Anago was assisted by the party in investigating the source of the corruption to the area surrounding the encampment. It went well and he would gladly work with the party again.


Anago possesses a unique ability to be able to shapeshift into many different types of creatures, from aberrations to animals and even to dragons should the need arise. In addition he retains his abilit to speak in animal forms stating that it comes from years of furthering the nature’s progress. This is a curious ability considering that he vehemently denies that he is a druid. His prowess in battle is unparalleled with regards to versatility, as he is willing and able to shapeshift into a form perfectly suitable for each encounter.

Anago Baldwin

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