Desmond Tiny

Mysterious Assimar Scholar


Desmond Tiny is an absolute gentlemen who embodies both grace and tact.

Clad in very stylish (though strangely formal) attire, Desmond proudly announces his Godsmen allegience by wearing their symbol across the back of his suit. Though he wields no weapons, he does idly play with the pendant around his neck. The pendant itself is a strange glowing gem that betrays no sign of having been touched by manufactured tools.

Desmond is often seen relaxing and never seems to be in a hurry. If asked about his casual approach to time he often responds “Things all happen in their own time, in my line of work you have to understand patience and let things work themselves out.”

Interactions with the Party

He proved invaluable when the party ran into a dead end during their mission to exorcise a church in Beach Hallow. Although he initially played coy and got into an enjoyable (from his side) debate on the nature of resurrection and the Godsmen philosophy with Josh’s Samurai, he consented to a duel to finish the matter. After losing the duel, Desmond still helped them by resurrecting the Cleric of Nerull, Josh is still expected to help him at a later date.

From what has been seen, he is a type of spell caster, as was witnessed when he used Flesh to Ice (Frostburn) to turn Josh’s character to ice and end their duel.

Points of Interest

-There was an small wrapped object discovered in the tomb of Kardol Erzai that was clearly addressed to Desmond, despite the fact that Kardol Erzai had been dead for centuries. When the party attempting to give it to him he returned it with a grim look saying:

“There will come a time when you need to give this to me, but that time has not yet come. Hang onto it for the fate of the multiverse may depend on you returning it at the appointed time, do not lose it.”

He has asked the party to help him track down the whereabouts of his friend, and intends to set out on that quest once they complete their mission to rescue a wizard from prison.

-Desmond was able to properly identify the scythe that Josh wields, and since revealing that fact, the scythe’s enhancements do not function in his presence.


Desmond is a very strange individual. He never seems to have much regard for circumstances around him, instead seemingly just taking everything in stride. He rarely raises his voice and treats even hostile enemies with respect.

He always seems to know more than he lets on, and it is difficult to tell if he knows something about the apocalypse or if he is simply bluffing like a champion. In his many years of life he has certainly picked up on many secrets of the multiverse and had his hand in many different major events (at least according to those that know him, he’s much too modest to admit to anything on his own).

He has been a member of the Godsmen for a very long time and enjoys his time at the Northwest Division. His relations with the other Godsmen seem to be mostly positive, if a tad subtle.

Desmond Tiny

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