Lady Farith Wyvernjack

Strongheart Halfling Paladin of Yondalla.


Farith is a noble born Strongheart Halfing who still manages a calm graceful demeanor even after the world has ended.

Standing nearly at 3’, her weapon of choice is the fabled Blazing Skylance which came into her possession after a particularly difficult raid on a dragon’s lair (that she would love to tell you about). The weapon itself is a thick white lance that is wreathed in flame while drawn, and distorts the air with its heat even while resting at Farith’s side.

She is never far from her mount, a Snow Gecko from the north lands. She recieved her mount when she was still a child, and named him “Steve” after Steve the Great.

Interactions with the Party

Lady Wyvernjack was one of the first Godsmen to interact with the party after they were brought to the camp. She also accompanied them on their mission to Mistedge early in their careers. She showed courage and ended the mission happily, she is a good ally to the party and would eagerly assist them again


Being the only child of Lord Wyvernjack, she stood to inherit the family business of producing cotton. Her father had built quite an empire that held a monopoly over the industry in many countries. Lady Farith was never content with simply mastering a trade, and instead practiced mounted combat with paladins of Yondalla at a nearby church after her father had fallen asleep.

He was not a fool, however, and knew of her excursions. Instead of reprimanding her, he confided that her grandfather and even his grandfather had all been very accomplished adventurers. Lord Wyvernjack had never been very athletically inclined and was the first in the family’s history to break the trend of learning swordplay in favor of a more scholarly life. Following this confession he gave Farith a small Monitor Lizard that she promptly named “Steve” as well as a codex detailing the history of her ancestor’s accomplishments.

She named her mount “Steve” after Steve the Great. While still living with her family, she longed to meet Steve the Great and began secretly planning to become a Godsmen in order to draw herself closer to him. After becoming a Paladin of Yondalla, Lady Wyvernjack entered into the Godsmen ranks. To her dismay, Steve the Great had already passed away by the time she was stationed in the Northwest Division.

She now puts her knowledge of healing to work for the Northwest Division when she isn’t telling extravagant stories of her families adventuring heritage.

Lady Farith Wyvernjack

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