"Shade" The Enigmatic

Godsmen Assassin


Shade is very rarely seen, preferring to remain under invisibility at all times, and Improved Invisibility during combat. Estimates describe him as appropriate height for a humanoid, but the black wrappings he wears further prevent any further details from escaping about his appearance.

He has been seen using alchemist’s fire to deliver sneak attacks.

Interactions with the Party
Josh’s character entered Shade’s tent and after answering a series of questions, hired him for the mission to break Carson Biggins from the Mercykiller prison on Mechanus. He rarely came to their aid in combat, though he succeeded in disabling many of the traps they faced. When the party was low on health, he sold them potions at three times the normal price.


Very little is known about the assassin but as the campaign progresses more may be revealed.

Shade currently works for the Northwest Division where he returns to sleep after performing his missions. His tent leads to a seemingly endless series of Portable Holes thereby making an assassination much more difficult.

"Shade" The Enigmatic

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