Sir Davian Witchguard the Heavenly Shield

Paladin servant of Wee Jas


Davian is a fairly well groomed human. He is fairly tall. He wears a shining suit of armor complete with chains wrapped around his forearms. His armor is covered with symbols to Wee Jas.


On the night of the Ruby Convocation 30 years ago, a child was abandoned at a Jasidin temple. The priests heard the crying over the revelry and brought the infant into their fold. The boy had only a blanket embroidered with his name, Davian.

He was raised by the tenets of the stern lady, but it was quickly discovered he had little talent for magic. His only blessing, it seemed, was defending his less robust clerical brethren from unhappy townsfolk and uncontrolled undead. He began to focus his training on this, and the goddess smiled upon him, granting him paladinhood and the title of Heavenly Shield. He would henceforth protect those the Lady directed him to, and punish their oppressors.

Upon leaving the temple, after 20 years of study, Davian accompanied 2 of his Brothers on an expedition into a mountain pass, searching for a piece of lore of the Lady that had been lost. Upon finding the scrolls in cave tomb, the three were set upon by ghouls, and Caron and Fitz were killed. Davian escaped with the scroll thanks to a giant eagle, which swooped into the cave to defend its mountains from the monstrosities. He the. Rode his new friend back to the temple, where it was welcomed as a friend of the ruby goddess.

The scroll gave indications of an apocalyptic event that would reshape the world and magic itself, and it would be evident on the next ruby convocation, which was only a year away. Davian and Ambrosius (eagle) were told by the high priest that the lady visited him in a dream. He must dedicate himself fully to his cause, become a godsman, and protect other chosen like him to prevent oblivion.

Sir Davian Witchguard the Heavenly Shield

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