Steve the Great

Heroic Godsmen of Legend


Portraits of Steve the Great show him to be a full faced and tan human, though age may vary in accordance with how well the artist was paid.

He is most often shown in a reflective suit of Full Plate wielding a large plain hammer that would not seem out of place in a forge.


Steve the Great was a prominent Godsmen whose prowess on the battlefield and uncanny ability for diplomacy helped the Godsmen of the Material Plane reinforce their reputation.

Feeling the approach of his twilight years he decided to move to the countryside and devote his life back to perfecting his ability to craft simple tools to the far north seated in a beautiful landscape of forestry. His reputation alone drew other Godsmen to him and he realized that one final opportunity for improvement had opened up for him: lead a branch of the Godsmen.

Steve the Great then founded the Northwest Division where he spent the remainder of his years imparting his wisdom onto other Godsmen in the hopes that they might draw ever closer to The Source.

After his heart failed him (and one of the most notable funerals ever seen in the Material Plane) his duties were passed onto another Godsmen (coincidentally also named Steve) who quickly sank the division into obscurity.

It was revealed that a remnant of Steve the Great resides within a pocket dimension accessible by the arch. This area was accessed by the party as they moved into full standing among the Believers of the Source and attuned themselves to the portal sticks keyed to that archway.

Steve the Great

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