Steve the Lesser

Administrator for the Northwest Division.


Steve the Lesser is a balding human who seems constantly annoyed and busy. He usually has a pair of thick Onyx rimmed glasses poised at the bridge of his nose. He wears a silk full bodied robe with the Godsmen insignia on the front and back.

Found in the Administration building of the Northwest Division, Steve the Lesser seems to be perpetually surrounded in paperwork. It is difficult to tell if he actually ever gets any of it done, or just moves it around his desk until it ends up falling off. When asked to perform the duties required of him, he often sighs and then wastes time flipping through different piles and drawers before finally locating the object of his search.


Steve the Lesser acquired his title when he was compared with “Steve the Great” and was found lacking in nearly all qualities.

With such a moniker, it was difficult for him to be taken seriously and when he finally obtained a position of greater power, it was in the middle of nowhere. Either the reduced activity of the outpost, or bitterness brewed over many years, Steve the Lesser has a reputation for performing administrative duties poorly.

Now that the world has ended, Steve the Lesser quietly hopes he can prove himself to be capable and lead the Northwest Division into glory and renown. He often fantasizes about it rather than actually do any of the work that might make his dream a reality.

Steve the Lesser

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