The Godsmen Apocalypse

Project Satan Beginning (Act 1)
Beginning of the end.

After going through the portal to the outskirts of Nigburg, Desmond informs the group that they have no way back, so hopefully his friend is not dead. No one says anything and they stand around for a while before departing.

They reach the house of Desmond Tiny’s friend Oswald Fiddlebender and find him to be alive and doing quite well. Desmond requests that his friend make a new batch of portal sticks for the Godsmen. Oswald is in the middle of a project that could take 6 months to finish, but if they could retrieve a copy of a stick he could easily replicate it. The last one he had he gave to a pair of Goliaths who went hunting for Project Satan, a cryptic task that has sent many potential adventurers to death. After agreeing to return the portal stick (and being forced to swear an oath to find Project Satan) the group set off to the Abyss to locate the Goliaths.

After getting through a series of devious and deadly illusions (and Corey’s character selling his soul to a demon unknowingly) the group entered the chamber containing Project Satan in an unfinished state. In order to become activated, he needed seven more crystals to be entered into his body. The group solves a clever word puzzles for six portals and enters number 7, one that was previously finished by someone who had come before.

They enter a walled in area with no ceiling (that is evidently suspended in the air by an unseen force) that contained three Sword Archons (Book of Exalted Deeds). They were set to guard one psi-crystal in order to preserve it for the time when Project Satan would be needed to fight. The Sword Archons informed the group that the search for Project Satan would inevitably drive the group insane and they would attack the angels in order to recover the crystal, but that the group was free to stand guard with them indefinitely. Their words rang true and Corey’s character was killed in battle by their Discorporating Dive ability that sent Corey’s soul to a prison in the Seven Heavens of Celestia where he will remain indefinitely because they never release an unrepentantly evil person’s soul (and also because no one yet lives there to pass judgment on him).

Wrapping Up the Tower (Act 1)
Onto a good faith mission.

The foe on the next floor that the assassin had warned them about had a strikingly deranged appearance. His hair and armor were covered with numerous self inflicted scars and he clearly had not bathed in days. He wielded his spiked chain with deadly efficiency, intentionally striking out at anything within reach as he passed by, and often at himself when no target presented itsself. His path was seemingly aimless, but his keen eyes missed nothing, not even Shade could pass by. He was once a normal human but Dirk Morganstern explained that when an individual rapidly surpasses the threshold of severe depravity, he can become a creature known as a “Tainted Raver.”

A Tainted Raver (Heroes of Horror p 154) is in a constant state of madness that strengthens their muscles and reflexes. The taint that has corrupted their mind courses through their system and drastically improves the rate at which their body naturally regenerates. Given this new found knowledge, the party wisely decided to sneak their way past the mad man on the following floor.

The process was fairly straightforward, Elliot wildshaped into a cheetah and kept his attention while the rest of the party searched for an exit. To their horror, the key to the next floor was tied around the madman’s neck (and of course their assassin refused to simply pick the lock, demanding instead that the group “broaden their horizons”).

Quick thinking, and a grease spell from Jonathan, got the key off of the spiked chain wielder and allowed the group to progress to the penultimate floor.

The following floor was a gauntlet across many spinning blades and moving floors. Unfortunately the entire floor was under an antimagic spell that activated once the party threw the switch to open the first door.

After sustaining more than a few injuries, the party eventually made their way to the final stairwell and climbed it hesitantly. They discovered that the top floor to the merciless tower held only one prisoner, Carson Biggums, though he certainly was not what they were expecting.

As they entered the only room of the top floor, they came face to face with an enormous gold dragon. Though he was restrained by large spikes and his wings had been torn to prevent flight, the creature known to the group as “Carson Biggums” was still a terrifying sight. It was difficult to gauge his emotions upon seeing his rescue team, but more than one party member broke the silence with “Holy shit! You’re a dragon!”

Choosing to ignore their rudeness, the gold dragon instructed the crew in the delicate matter of releasing him. Before complying, Josh’s character desired to know the situation “Carson” was resulted in that demanded his imprisonment.

Carson patiently explained in excruciatingly precise detail as to how he systematically hunted and eliminated the drow Lords of the Underdark before embarking upon an entire genocide of the species. Though nearly successful, the Mercykillers apprehended him before he completed his task. Josh’s rage was contained only due to the aura generated by his cohort’s Vow of Peace. With significant regrets, the group released Carson and returned to the Godsmen encampment after retracing their steps through the prison.

Upon returning, the group debriefed, spent some of their earnings and met with Desmond Tiny to go over the details of their upcoming trip of good will.

Desmond’s friend Ozzy lived a few days due east of Nigberg, and remained out of contact after the initial terrorist attacks. Fearing the worst, Desmond finally called in the favor Josh had long owed and the group was set to leave the next morning.

(The party gains 5000xp for the mission and is given 18,000 gp to spend).

Clockwork Nirvana Prison Later Floors (Act 1)
Moving on up
Mostly Notes

The group resumes, Corey passes over the small gift to Desmond.

On level 5
Individual cells floor to ceiling. Kill VI little guys, go up ladder to 6th floor.

Some of what Dirk Morganstern said was true, he believes this Mercykillers prison was a front for when they once worked with the Purifiers of the Hallowed Doctrine where they contained and experimented on taint. He thinks this was the source of all taint and that the Mercykillers made an army of tainted foes secretly creating taint monsters to further law.

Jon is familiar with the assassin as a past lover.

The Assassin sells healing potions for 3x the listed price. Jon and Josh buy 2 cure light wounds for a total of 400 gold.

The Assassin explains that there is some insane guy just walking around the next floor randomly attacking things with a spiked chain. He often giggles while attacking the air and seems to patrol randomly. The assassin also reveals that the foe is unnaturally perceptive, being able to spot him even while invisible, which is why he didn’t remain on that floor very long.

Clockwork Nirvana Prison (Act 1)
When will we ever escape death by water?

Highlights of the Session

The team gained entrance to the Mercykiller’s prison on the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus by crafting a symbol and showing it to the pair of Clay Golems guarding the front door.

The first floor contained empty cages and two dead Mercykillers (who were looted for their spectacular Adamantine Full Plate). A successful knowledge check revealed that they became undead prior to having their skulls bashed in. Dirk Morganstern (an expert on Taint explained that dying in a tainted area results in the corpse reanimating soon after falling.

There was a brief combat on the second floor between many Homonculi and Hell Hounds (Monster Manual 1). An Autamotan (Monster Manual 3) ran off and flipped a series of levers to activate an alarm. The party tracked him down and saw the complicated 12 lever combination of switches. After a brief deliberation, Cory hit a few switches and the party was trapped in the room as it filled with water. They got out after Dirk Morganstern used his Venomfire enhanced raptor claws to slowly eat through the Adamantine doors. Other notable solutions include Mike making a Magnificent Mansion escape route and Jon using Explosive runes on the door (set off by mike’s intentionally failed dispel check). The entire time Josh’s Samurai was using power surge (a Kensai ability) to pump his strength in order to lift the door.

Floor three contained hundreds of prisoners in cages suspended over pits (that mike discovered were simply short drops with magical darkness at the bottom) that had turned into zombies after dying by Taint. The party made quick work of a trio of Visilights (Monster Manual 3) who are native to the plane.

Floor four contained three Clockwork Golems that posed a considerable threat to the party. This was the first battle that Shade visibly assisted them in (though he was still invisible of course). When things seemed dire, Mike performed a suicide attack that destroyed himself and all three golems, his sacrifice will be remembered forevermore (plus it netted him a number of achievement).

Water Adventures (Act 1)
Oh Captain Jack, giving them what for!!

With Ahab the team set out from Isla de Frie to a grotto hunting a Sisuitl. They anchor the main ship and depart in a smaller boat. Along the way they failed their will and dove underwater.

After a long difficult fight they survived to reach the beach. They began going into the only cave and encountered three drawings and a Nymph that Ahab immediately stabbed her. Josh healed her and then she cursed them stating “You deserve to fall to the Sisiutl!”

They continued through the clear water and entered the Sisuitl’s lair after forcing open an ancient door.

To Sea (Act 1)

Night planning with Ahab reveals they travel to the Isle of Freedom. He mentions monster hunting.

The crew eats and sleeps. During the huge ass storm. Jon throws up, mike casts spells to fuck with him.

Bimberg uses the physical skill card to give the party an advantage. Ahab explains they’re being attacked by a Maultooth. They’re going to attempt to shoot the anchor into its eye and drop the cannon off to rip it out.

They spears him in the eye. Josh picks the cannon up and throws it over. It’s blinded and took some damage.

Evemtually the party wins out.

After dinner. Ahab praises Mike for his ray of stupidity, they chat a bit.

Kuri Darkwood: advises josh to talk to the scythe in private. It draws him deeper into its influence.

At the Island they meet Miss Sylvia who captains the Red Planet. She’s human but her crew is rough. Her first mate is Nubble Grubbins the Half Orc. Her crew is 25 people it’s an Elf Wingship.

Ahab goes out to meet the Harbormaster “Bill Baxton.”

Ahab’s ship: The White Whale. Josh now has a reputation as a bitch but the scythe asks him to get 10 gallons of blood for him.

Ahab was a good pirate

The significance of the shape of the island is revealed to be that it is thought to have been a drop of blood from the heavens when Posiedon was forced off the material plane.

Ahab is hunting something protected by a caller of the deep.

Planning raid into town

Josh: Set up ambush going into the city,

Bim doesn’t like it. he suggests: Let them get drunk and ambush them at night. Though it is revealed her half-orc partner never drinks.

Cleric: How well liked is she?
Jon: she is fairly well liked.

J: We should get Ahab in there,

M: If he doesn’t illusion bitch!

Cleric: Would you rather be a skele or zombie?

Josh is talking up a mess of shit.

(She typically comes home and throws a huge party and shit. She never stays more than 3 days. She’s a Sea Witch, he is a Swashbuckler Orc.)

Jon hides shit goes down.

Miss Sylvia: Where the hell have you been for 20 years?
Ahab: I’ve been uh….have you heard about this monster.

The night of bartering goes well. The matter at hand is finding those monstas!

Haunted Church (Act 1)
When shit gets real
Resume: Jon notices nothing. Bimberg lays down b/c he’s out of breath. Jon hides.

Jon fort saves. B: “this nigga’s herp derp.” Jon gets tainted for Crazed.

Scythe provides a light source.

They come upon a creepy sacrificial area.

They attack and subdue an elven woman in the upstairs loft.

Elf: Blonde hair, Green, looks crazy.

In her pack: Holy Symbol, Mace, Splint Mail. 4 scrolls. No other stairs.

Josh: If we don’t have to kill her, let’s not. Dagger is non magic.

Different symbol than the one of the church. Altar is the focus of the unhallow spell. Cold iron and Steel. Feels cold to the touch. Josh finds the skeleton attic.

They decide to clean up the place. They create a relief.

Josh puts together that its a sac dagger that they found.

Bim goes insane.

Josh pins her elven woman, fight goes he’s at 1hp. brief. awkward. He ends up killing her.

“Time is a great trial on every person, and in time, all people are tested. Think about it.”


“I killed her, even if she’s evil he should have paid.”

“How do you know a person’s time?”

J:“Godsmen about evolution. This life could’ve brought her closer.”

“Who are we to do such a thing?”

The convo goes well.

Life in the balance.

The party goes against Godsman philosophy to resurrect the elven woman. They resurrects old girl, she’s pissed. She knows it’s Nerull in the scythe she makes josh swear allegience to it. She is surprised, laughs her ass off and says she’s going to follow you to see how it turns out. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
“My life is not in the balance.”

Through the Waterfall (Act 1)
The Rabbit hole
Notes Mostly

They go in and mike dancing lights. He points out strange coloration of the moss, they get shocked by a lizard.

M: “You bring a torch?”

They go in and attempt to swim through an underground underwater area.

Josh sucked under: can’t break free, Bimberg wings of flurry. Foe runs off cackling.

They find the scythe of Nerull.

Josh gets mildly phobic of water.

Desmond Tiny identifies the scythe they found.

Missions: 1) Abdul’s security.*
2) Purifying and retaking a church in Beach Hallow.
3) Investigate poisonous and tainted area.
4) Investigate fort Mistedge who was.
5) Waylay Raiders off the Eastern Coast

Talking to Ahab. You’re wanting me to go raid without a ship. Just find cats for it.

“M: We need something to catch them with?

J: He gave us a fucking basket."

They will do a pheromone cat major image and bag it. St. Lucky Pete gives trap advice.

Mike makes illusion of cat field. Jonathan sneaks up and grabs it. 1 Toirteshell, 1 Maine coon. The Toirtoshell tries to escape. In the morning Ahab goes with em.

They find a priest who gets Alipd, Jon hi\des, Bimb zone of silence.

Bimb tensers him. “BOOM BAZOOKA JOE!!!!!!!!!” DESTROYED.

The first outing (Act 1)
To Mistedge and the forest.

Communication with the outside world was very sparse, and every day Steve the Lesser would inform the Godsmen of the outpost that there simply was no work. In truth, he was scrambling behind the scenes to reestablish communication with the outside world.

After a few days the remaining pockets of humanity began crying out for Godsmen aid, and (as far as Northwest Division knows) there are no other divisions currently accounted for. Whether the other divisions were destroyed or simply in disarray remains to be seen, but for now the duty of carrying on the faction’s good name rests in the least competent likely branch.

Having spent a week familiarizing themselves with the encampment and getting other logistical concerns out of the way, Mike and Josh were ready to begin taking some of the many missions flooding the Godsmen. Although the party had been initiated into the faction, they were not yet full standing members, and as such were not yet worthy of being issued portal sticks from Steve the Lesser. Thereby they needed a full standing member to come along before they could embark on any missions. Mike and Josh decided that they should check the mission board before attempting to enlist aid.

The following missions were available at that time (Monday May 21st):

1. Conducting a security check of the Lich Abdul’s phylactery.
2. Purifying and retaking a church in Beach Hallow.
3. Investigate poisonous and tainted area outside of headquarters.
4. Investigate fort Mistedge, who fell out of contact recently.

After browsing over the available missions, the party decided to take the mission to reconnect with Mistedge in hopes that the survivors fleeing there could take a proactive approach to surviving the apocalypse. After a short debate over which Godsmen should accompany them, they headed to the Triage center to request help from Lady Farith Wyvernjack.


She eagerly accepted the invitation. After receiving her portal stick (and a stern reminder to wear their Godsmen embroidered attire) they set off through The Archway. They came out to the southwest of Mistedge and saw smoke coming from it. To speed along, Mike conjured horses for himself and Josh, and they sped to the fort. Upon mounting his horse, Mike began throwing up. Not wanting to waste time he ignored it and urged his steed on in the direction of Mistedge.

Upon arrival they saw a large line of refugees waiting to get into the fort and discovered the source of the smoke to be nothing more than a large trash pile burning out of the need for more space within the walls. Lady Wyvernjack addressed the guard captain and ascertained that the head of the fort (a man named Jovak) was out dealing with raids on the supply lines feeding resources into the fort. The party gleaned out that the situation was rather dire, and that the few days since refugees had begun pouring in were quickly overtaxing the fort (which was not accustomed to such numbers). They decided to relieve the fort by protecting the northern trade route between Mistedge and the various barbarian tribes of the north.

Mike and Josh discovered a local boy who could lead them along the path to one of the choke points where the caravan often came under attack in exchange for investigating what became of his home after “them big explosion noises.” Mike conjured new horses and went along with the boy, who informed them his name was Tiny Tim.

They came to his family’s land and discovered that all the animals had been slaughtered by unnatural means and left dead instead of harvested even for food. In his grief, Tiny Tim fell upon his families only cow and the stench of death did not leave him for hours.

Pushing on, the party crept up to the ridge where the convoy was often ambushed (under the cover of Mike’s illusions) and waited for the supply train to pass by.

Eventually, the convoy passed by lead by Jovak. Mike decides to fly down and meet them on the road. Jovak stops the procession in order to assess Mike, their conversation is cut off briefly as flaming arrows hit the canvas on both wagons.

Two groups of goblins emerge on the far side of the canyon and take launch another volley at the motionless wagons. Josh spurs his steed out from the illusioned cover and attempts to jump the gorge. He is unsuccessful and abandons his horse mid flight to land on the side of the far cliff. His horse falls and kills one of the guards with the Mistedge convoy. Jovak conjures large amounts of water above the flames. Michael takes flight before conjuring a horse above two of the goblins. Following his cast, a minotaur rushes from the cliffside, jumps, and grapples him to the ground. Jovak assists Mike in dispatching the minotaur while Lady Farith successfully leaps the gorge and engages their foes on the opposite side.

After the battle they accompanied Jovak back to Mistedge and gave him advice on improving the town’s situation, chiefly by turning the refugees into functioning members of a society working for their stay. Having completed their first mission, the group returned to the Godsmen encampment.

Purifying the water supply
Apocalype Begins (Act 1)
Destruction and New Beginnings

The party found themselves in the crowd during the The Mad Prophet’s rant in Nigburg as detailed in the Apocalypse subheading of the Historical Setting page. They were not acquainted with one another, it was simply a matter of happenstance that they were all in the crowd. Also in the mob were an assortment of Godsmen from the Northwest Division, who were on a mission to investigate the prophet’s threat level.

After the Mad Prophet unleashed his device upon the crowd, a loud voice cried out “I STAB AT THEE!” and a harpoon sped into the chest of the prophet. Captain Ahab had initiated the counterstrike of the Godsmen who were dispersed among the crowd. They instantly sprang into action.

In the span of an instant Terry “Dustbones” Mansford quickly cast a time stop. Instantly, the skies opened up and a rain of fire came sped down from heaven to consume the Prophet and his associates, but Terry’s actions were too quick to be followed.

Despite the deaths of the offenders, the crystal monument continued to pulse and devestated the environment around it. As the sounds of destruction from other parts of the city added to the cries of pain from the crowd, the Godsmen quickly decided to retreat and opened a portal back to their base. The Godsmen ushered some survivors into the gate but were unable to save everyone, luckily most of the party made it into the gate in time. Dustbones remained behind, clearly fascinated by the doomsday device.

The party, along with Captin Ahab, Lady Farith Wyvernjack, Saint Lucky Pete, and a few other survivors were quickly ushered through into the Northwest Division Godsmen outpost. The area was beautiful, but there was no time to take in the surroundings because the group all complained of feeling ill and corrupted. They were quarantined into a Magnificent Mansion located within the hospital area of the outpost. Within a days time they began showing very disgusting side effects and traditional healing was unable to deter the effects.

Given the seriousness of the situation, Steve the Lesser called in a personal friend (Abdul) to help the situation. Abdul, an ancient lich of surprisingly good humor, decided to use the situation in order to forge a special deal with the Godsmen in which he not pay for services rendered for an unspecified amount of time. Seeing the curious potential of the deal, Steve the Lesser told the uninitiated survivors that he would heal them provided they joined the Believers of the Source to repay Abdul. They unanimously agreed and Abdul cast a wish spell to remove all ill effects from the group before teleporting away in a fit of laughter.

The party then underwent the ritual to become initiates in which they passed through an arch in the encampment that teleported them to a strange area that tested their resolve and intellect with a series of deadly puzzles. The party survived, but the two other survivors with them in the test.

Upon exiting the demi-plane, they were attacked by doppelgangers who were disguised as the two survivors who perished. Belas Kilath assisted the party in fighting them off and officially welcomed them to the Godsmen.

The group had a very stressful day that led to a strange and uncertain future. The world may have ended, but they were momentarily safe with the Northwest Division of the Godsmen.


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