I have updated my list here to be more easily sortable and you can help keep track of what you do and don’t have. There is also a printable list available directly from me, it’s proven too hard to make here on the website.

I have a list of core achievements found in the following links:
General Achievements 390 G This is a list of achievements that are general feats of a D&D campaign.
Combat Related 305 G These achievements are designed to be obtained via combat.
Foe Related 155 G These achievements relate to individual foes.
Skill Related 150 GS These achievements are keyed in with the various skills available to 3.5 D&D characters.
Godsmen Campaign Achievements 250 I always include a campaign specific group of achievements in the core as well.

I also release extra achievement packs every time our party attains a total of 500 GS. Each pack has a total of 250 GS obtainable. The unlocked ones can be found here:
Additional Content

The entire point of obtaining achievements is to use them in the Gamerscore Store.


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