An Effort to Make Better Characters

The rights to these particular guides do not lie with me, but rather the fine gentlemen who crafted such masterpieces.

Hello everyone, in an effort to help my group make better characters, I’m going to be listing a whole bunch of links to important bits of information on characters, spells, and things like that. You may notice that I have an inclination to Brilliant Gameologists, that is true. The actual Wizards forums lost nearly all of their threads when it was reorganized and the gaming community has been working tirelessly to recreate old treasures in addition to making our own.

I would like to remind everyone to run their builds by me first simply to check to make sure their information is correct. Debates strike up from time to time in the handbook threads and you will all want to check my stance (which sides with wizards 100% of the time, and conservatively when their opinion is not present) on something before you get your hopes up.

General Optimization and Pregame Brainstorming

One key article that absolutely every 3.5 gamer must read is The Seven Facets of Character Optimization because the knowledge you will gain from it will help you make a more effective character no matter what the situation is. Some people think “Oh, but I’m not into character optimization!” which immediately tells me they have not read the article, because it isn’t about min maxing, it’s about being effective.

If you’re wondering which classes are better than the others, here is a list and explanation of the hierarchy of base classes: Why Each Class is in its Tier

The Creation Process

So you’ve got a general idea of what you want to do and what role you can fulfill. Now the part of actually selecting a race and class to play.

As we all know, races with level adjustments absolutely suck unless you’re going for a very specific alternate class feature that you’re dead set on. Because of which, some fine gentlemen have put together a master list of races with +0 Level adjustment here: Master Race List

Alternate class features are usually good, especially if you can get rid of something worthless in exchange for something pretty good. A full list of alternate class features can be found (conveniently organized) here: Alternate Class Features

In all of my games I allow two flaws from Unearthed Arcana and the various Dragon Magazines. I recommend using them, if you don’t own any dragon magazines, you can go to this link click on the “flaw” button on the left and search for all the ones available.

Class Guides

An endeavor to lump together some of the good stuff for classes is underway here:
Handbook Index

An Effort to Make Better Characters

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