Believers of the Source


The Believers of the Source, also known as the Godsmen, are a faction (originally from Sigil before The Great Divide) that has become quite influential in the past century. Though the origins of the first Godsmen to preach on the Material Plane are lost to history, we do know that the Metropolis of Kingston was the location of the first faction headquarters.

Throughout the course of time, The Godsmen distinguished themselves as a productive and competent faction that was capably and willing to help others regardless of the situation. They have since become a very powerful organization that has remained in good standing with virtually everyone in the known world.

The Believers of the Source do not discriminate on who they help. When an individual or organization requires manpower for a given task, they submit a request to the nearest headquarters and the job is given to the Godsmen on hand. Payment is given to the organization upon completion of the task, which provides a safety net for employers who have particularly dangerous requests.

Members of the Godsmen embody the values of respect, courage, determination, and a willingness to adapt to any situation. These members have shown the community that the organization can be trusted.

There were many divisions of the Godsmen across many planes. The party belongs to Northwest Division.

Philosophy according to Steve the Great

Ever feel that you’re out of place, or that your life isn’t what it’s supposed to be? Maybe you get a strange feeling like you’ve lived through something before, or that you can picture places vividly that you know you’ve never been? You’re not mad berk, it’s because life is all progressing and this life certainly isn’t your only one.

To these characters, all things are godly. All things can ascend to greater glory – if not in this life, then in the next. Patience and perseverance, that’s all it takes. See, here’s the chant: Everything – primes, planars, petitioners, proxies, the whole lot – is being tested. Survive, succeed, and ascend – that’s the goal of all beings. Fail and get reincarnated to try again. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. This means that although Powers exist, at one time they were just another basher climbing his way up the ladder.

‘Course, it ain’t that easy either. First off, nobody really knows what the tests are. Is a body supposed to be good, evil, or what? Godsmen are trying to figure that out. Second, a fellow might go in reverse – mess up and come back as a prime or something worse in the next life. So you don’t want to just get fat and lazy or you might end up back as a tadpole

This means that there’s a finite number of souls in the multiverse, and once they’ve all climbed to the top of the ladder, everything should end. That’s the goal, reach the top and reunite with The Source from which all life springs. The higher you get on the ladder, the more you can feel The Source in everything, and it’s only natural to want to help others up (or kick them back down if that’s your particular test).

So you see, the Godsmen calculate that’s the whole purpose of multiverse. The Prime Material, the Inner, and the Outer Planes – they exist to test and purge. They are the great forge of existence, and your soul is the material. It’s just a matter of figuring what’s being tested and how. When that happens, the Godsmen can hasten the end of the universe and get on with some new existence.

Believers of the Source

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