Combat Related Achievements

Total: 305 Gamerscore

Human Resources — 10 G
Stabilize an opponent.

Mistake — 10 G
Enter combat with less than 10% of your max hp.

Fuck the Loot — 10 G
Sunder an opponent’s weapon and armor.

Through the Darkness — 5 G
Overcome concealment five times.

MacGyver That Shit — 10 G
Complete five improvised maneuvers.

Rise and Return From Sleep — 10 G
Sleep through an entire encounter.

Ever Feel Life Pushing? — 5 G
Get into negative hit points

Shoving You Away? — 5 G
Fail a stabilization check at -8 hp.

Your Weapons Cannot Harm Me! — 10 G
Negate all damage from an attack.

Dropping Like Flies — 15 G
Kill three enemies on three consecutive turns.

Is Wayne Brady gon’ hafta… — 10 G
Kill an opponent via grapple damage.

Double Kill — 20 G
Kill two enemies using a single attack.

Hat Trick — 30 G
Kill three enemies using a single attack.

Overkill — 40 G
Kill four enemies using a single attack.

What Is This I Don’t Even — 10 G
Kill an opponent with a move action.

This Is SPARTA — 15 G
Bullrush an opponent to their death.

Heretic — 10 G
Sunder an opponent’s holy symbol.

Denied — 5 G
Deprive an enemy from being able to take any actions on their turn.

Might Need To Change It Up — 5 G
Fail three consecutive attacks against the same target.

Unperturbed — 10 G
Damage a foe while dazed, immobilized, or blinded.

It’s Super Effective — 5 G
Deal a type of damage that an opponent is vulnerable to.

Meat Shield — 10 G
Provide successful cover to an ally against a ranged attack.

Alpha Strike — 15 G
End an encounter during a surprise round.

/b/lackup Delivered — 10 G
Reduce an enemy to (or below) 0 hp while it’s flanking an ally.

Interrupt a planning session of the group by screaming LEROY JENKINS and rushing into combat.

Damn It Leroy ! — 10 G
Get reduced to less than 30% hp when going to help a character who unlocked the LEROY JENKINS Achievement during combat.

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Combat Related Achievements

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