Current Jobs

Current Act 2 Jobs

1. Check the status of Khedesh and evaluate the possibility of getting a Godsman cell going.
2. Assist Wintermoore in dealing with The Negromancer.
3. Investigating Oakwell Tower.
4. Oversee a funeral.
5. Assist Abdul in checking his security measures.
6. (Informal) Comb over the remnants of the Northwest Division.
7. (From New Steve) Assault Vecna’s fortress and force him to reveal the situation of the world.

Previous Act 1 Jobs

1. Conducting a security check of the Lich Abdul’s phylactery location.
2. Purifying and retaking a church in Beach Hallow. Complete
3. Investigate poisonous and tainted area outside of headquarters. Completed by Mike, Josh, and Anago Baldwin.
4. Investigate fort Mistedge, who fell out of contact recently. Completed by Mike, Josh, and Farith Wyvernjack.
5. Thwarting pirates who had been raiding the coastline in the area of Beach Hallow. Completed with Ahab,
6. Rescuing a Carson Biggums from prison.
7. Barbarians to the North are having weird undead issues.
8. Retake Count Beaknu’s manor.

Current Jobs

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