Foe Related Achievements

Total: 155 Gamerscore

Absent Minded — 15 G
Kill a Mind Flayer.

As of Old — 20 G
Kill an adult Dragon.

Belmont — 20 G
Kill a Vampire with a whip.

Eye Spy — 15 G
Kill a beholder.

Helsing — 15 G
Stake a Vampire through the heart with a holy water soaked stake.

Kill It With Fire! — 10 G
Kill a troll with fire.

No Time For Jell-O — 5 G
Kill a Gelatinous Cube.

Right to Bear Arms — 15 G
Without weapons or armor, wrestle and knock a bear unconscious.

Showstopper — 15 G
End combat with a critical hit.

Trophy — 10 G
Preserve a part of a foe’s body as a trophy.

Tetanus — 15 G
Surprise and kill a rust monster without losing any equipment.

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Foe Related Achievements

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