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That’s right I went one better than Microsoft, I actually have a beneficial use for Gamerscore. I have made a way for you to use your Gamerscore earned in my D&D games in the form of a shop of sorts. Using your gamerscore to “buy” something will not lower your total G but it will make that amount unusable for future transactions. If there is anything you would like to see added to this list go ahead and send me a message with a GOOD reason and it will be taken into consideration.

  • Five idea rolls to be used at your convenience: 25 G
  • An additional 3.5 Trait (from Unearthed Acana): 50 G
  • An additional 3.5 Flaw at 1st level: 75 G
  • A bonus feat at 5th level: 100 G
  • A bonus feat at 8th level: 125 G
  • Max Life at odd levels (3/5/7 etc): 200 G
  • Use of the array for your stats (8/10/12/14/16/18) 200G
  • Use of the 38 point buy for stats 200G
  • Max Life at even levels (2/4/6 etc): 250 G
  • Unlock the Pathfinder system for your character: 500 G
    This means you will change to the new skill system, you will gain a feat every odd numbered level (instead of at 1/3/6/9/12/15/18), and you may restructure your character with Pathfinder classes (rerolling HP if necessary).

Purchasing many of these things will supersede the original statistics of your character. For example, purchasing the array for stats will take the place of all rolled stats for your character (all will be replaced, so you get stuck with an 8 somewhere).

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Gamerscore Store

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