Getting Started


I hope you are excited about this campaign, there are a number of things to do before you begin. I ran this campaign once already with incredible success (for all but a few bitchy members) and have fine-tuned it to make it available once more.

Step One

The first thing you should do is make a level eight character, there is not really a theme as far as alignment goes so you are left to your own devices.

Update I have created a page dealing with making an effective character, please check it out Here even if you feel like you don’t need the advice.

-All books are open from the list we have been using (all 3.5 first party books and all relevant Dragon Magazine issues) with the addition of everything being open from the Faerun and Eberron campaign settings. Book of Vile Darkness, The Book of Exalted Deeds, The Book of Erotic Fantasy, and the Nymphology book are also permitted (except Nymphology spells, I will allow them in an individual basis but you have to request them).

-We will be rolling for stats and health (Except for first level which is max health). Such rolling must be done in my presence, but not necessarily any time soon. We will be using experience as per the Player’s handbook mandate.

-We will use the 2 flaw and 2 traits allowance as per Unearthed Arcana using flaws found only in Unearthed Arcana and Dragon Magazines. I recommend using them, if you don’t own any dragon magazines, you can go to this link click on the “flaw” button on the left and search for all the ones available.

-We are using the taint from Heroes of Horror, it is now an incredibly critical part of the world you live in, so I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.

Step Two

Learning about the campaign is a necessity. Please review the Historical Setting and learn about the various Godsmen NPCs that are stationed alongside you. The Acheivement system I have adds depth to the game, so I would recommend checking out the list and PRINTING IT OFF. If you want a more printable version, let me know on facebook and we’ll work something out.

Step Three

Familiarize yourself with the Obsidian Portal website. I will do a hands on tutorial for things if you need it, you just simply have to ask. I will probably show off the site at our first game meeting.

-I have included pages for everyone to put their notes on to keep it all somewhere that can’t be lost.

-There is a Characters section that links to all the characters you have encountered so far.

-The adventure log can keep you abreast of things should you miss a game. Players can record additions to it as well at their leisure.

If you are a member of the group you get experience for sending me a friend request through Obsidian Portal, even more for starting a character in the website. You will get a 25% experience bonus to all experience given in the session after you make an entry in the adventure log. I’ll also be awarding you for any work you do to the wiki, just be sure and put your name by whatever you alter, ex:

Jon: This is to make sure I apply credit where it is due in addition to being able to notice and document changes as they occur.

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Getting Started

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