Godsmen Campaign Achievements

Total: 250 Gamerscore

To Your Roots — 10 G
Befriend Anago Baldwin the Forest Keeper.

The Burning Gaze — 10 G
Befriend Belas Kilath the Drow Lasher.

The White Whale — 10 G
Befriend Captain Ahab the Leviathan Hunter.

A Taste of Royalty — 10 G
Befriend Farith Wyvernjack the Paladin of Yondalla

The Gentleman Bastard — 10 G
Befriend Desmond Tiny the Scholar.

Following the Path — 10 G
Befriend St. Pete the Unfortunate.

Forged Over Time — 10 G
Befriend Jalabar Rockcrusher the retired Smith.

A Knife in the Dark — 10 G
Befriend Shade the Assassin, if you dare.

The More the Merrier — 20 G
Recruit a new (or returning) Believer of the Source.

Built for Death — 25 G
Reassemble Project Satan.

Back for Justice — 25 G
Help the Godsmen fend off the Demons.

Long Term Planner — 25 G
Assist a town in the name of the Godsmen.

A Valued Asset — 25 G
Protect Project Satan from being kidnapped by Demons.

A Taste of Strange — 10 G
Acquire a persistent Moderate Depravity or Corruption score.

Blood Price — 15 G
Acquire a persistent Severe Depravity or Corruption score.

Thwarting a Second Apocalypse — 25 G
Stop a second apocalypse from The Weapon.

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Godsmen Campaign Achievements

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