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The Great Divide

Centuries ago (in a previous campaign of mine) Asmodeus broke (or was broken) out of the deepest layer of The Nine Hells and began to wage war against the deities who put him there and broke the agreement made in the Pact Primeval. This war became known as “The Great Divide” stemming from the deities all picking sides and waging war openly. The war was waged on many planes and a number of them were nearly destroyed. The war soon became one of attrition where deities were forced to kill one another in order to gain tactical advantage. The result of the war left many gods dead, or powerless. Asmodeus’ fate is unknown as is the majority of other deities. Due to all the warfare there were mass emigrations of races throughout the planes and the effects are still witnessed today. This dispersal of races has lead to a very high increase in half breeds and has also made what were once known as “exotic” races indigenous to many other planes.


During The Great Divide there was a very contagious and deadly force unleashed on the world. Scholars have since named the plague “Taint.” It is a ghastly disease that complete corrupts and destroys living (and sometimes nonliving) matter. Calling it a disease though does not accurately describe the nature of taint. It is not something tangible, but rather a type of presence in objects that destroys it. Down the path of corruption and depravity, victims of taint have reported an increase in power, thereby tempting many mortals into attempting to walk the fine line between taint and madness. One of the early researchers, Troldepus de la Krabdak, did an enormous amount of work investigating the phenomenon before he eventually succumbed to madness from years of working closely with the substance. It was very prominent in the years following The Great Divide, but hasn’t been seen in centuries.

Current Points of Interest

Believers of the Source

The Believers of the Source, also known as the Godsmen, are a faction (originally from Sigil before The Great Divide) that has become quite influential in the past century. They have gained considerable respect for their humanitarian work providing disaster relief to those seeking refuge, and are well liked throughout the world. They have large bases in many cities, and supply manpower for various endeavors as requested.

The Apocalypse

There was a prophet in the town of Nigburg, who was clearly raving mad. It became sort of a spectacle to go see him and laugh at his public displays. On one such occasion he brought a large box stretching at least 30’ in the air and easily 15’ wide that was covered in sheets and chains. This amassed a large crowd of people from all walks of life to watch the spectacle out of curiosity.

The prophet, between bouts of hysterical laughter exclaimed: “You see, a while back we locked it up. It was a weapon that the humans dared to threaten us with, and we took immediate action. We destroyed all traces of the civilization that produced it and seperated the weapon into two halves, never to be found. The bad news is that with enough of us dead, he’s been gaining power and he is likely to kill everyone. The good news is that you won’t have to suffer then because you’re going to suffer now.”

Then, using his scythe he split open the chains on the irregularly shaped obelisk and the crowd witnesses a large crystal that was deep purple in color with lines of black that seemed to move within it. Their amazement did not last long, as the structure immediately began sending out pulses that began altering the area. Most people caught within it immediately felt sickened or stunned, and some even died. The bodies of those who died pooled together and rose back as dangerous elementals that had never been seen before.

In a short time, these “bombs” went off in nearly every section of every city in the world, effectively destroying communication and bringing about a true apocalypse.

It has only been a matter of days since the apocalypse began, and our path follows the story of one of the last (if not the last) remaining outpost of Godsmen far to the North-East.

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Historical Setting

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