Northwest Division

This outpost was initially founded by Steve the Great in his later years. It is seated in the Northwest by the Tribal Sea before the Frozen Wasteland of Tarim. The Outpost is surrounded by beautiful forests that stretch on for miles. The air is clean with a persistently cool temperature, even in the summer.

One of the smaller outposts of the Believers of the Source organization, the Northeast Division was never given much consideration when it came to funding or allocating members. As such, they often attract members who enjoy living in the country and perfecting themselves rather than those who are unerringly driven to adventure. It has been led by Steve the Lesser for a number of years.

Godsmen in Full Standing

Anago Baldwin

Belas Kilath
Captain Ahab

Desmond Tiny

Lady Farith Wyvernjack

Jalabar Rockcrusher

“Shade” The Enigmatic

St. Lucky Pete

Terry “Dustbones” Mansford

Northwest Division

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