Skill Related Achievements

Total: 150 Gamerscore

This Belongs in a Museum — 5 G
Use appraise to identify an artifact successfully.

To Envy Valentine — 5 G
Balance upon and walk across a falling quarterstaff.

Pull a Hoebagger — 5 G
Succeed on an incredible bluff against three NPCs at once.

Still Waters Run Deep — 5 G
Do not lose focus even amidst a hurricane.

Prodigy — 5 G
Create a work of art that defines a religious facility.

Peeping — 5 G
Decipher an archaic personal letter.

British — 5 G
Talk down a group from hostile to friendly during combat using diplomacy.

Lucky Pete — 5 G
Disable your way out of The Lady’s Maze using disable device.

Bagging Some Princess — 5 G
Disguise yourself as the lover of someone who is a different race and age category and bed their partner.

Houdini — 5 G
Escape masterwork manacles while naked and underwater.

Slipped My Mind — 5 G
Forge a personal reminder to someone with the intent to mislead the reader into believing they wrote it.

Who Cares? — 5 G
Use gather information to successfully determine a king’s full list of mates and favorite pair of pajamas without arousing suspicion.

Good Boy — 5 G
Teach an animal to remove their owner’s purse and crap in it using handle animal.

Medic — 5 G
Make a Heal check to help an ally in combat.

Sly — 5 G
Hide from someone (while armored) immediately after groping them.

Boo — 5 G
Cower someone by intimidating them.

Roger is Back — 5 G
Succeed on a jump that can only be passed by rolling a 20.

I’ve Seen This Before — 5 G
Identify a creature that is triple your hit die.

Did you hear that? — 5 G
Hear a pin drop while sleeping.

Why the Hell Not? — 5 G
Sneak into someone’s clothes within one minute of them being removed.

Busted! — 5 G
Pick the lock to a dragon’s personal chest.

Standing Ovation — 5 G
Out perform two performers in their home town.

The Grind — 5 G
Make 1,000gp with your profession.

Walk the Dinosaur — 5 G
Fast mount a dinosaur.

That One! — 5 G
Use sense motive to successfully identify a charmed individual.

Smooth — 5 G
Use sleight of hand to exchange someone’s weapon with an imitation.

Did You See That!? — 5 G
Spot an incriminating strand of hair on an adulterer.

True Salmon — 5 G
Swim up a waterfall without a swim speed.

Not This Time — 5 G
Successfully roll out of a square threatened by four opponents.

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Skill Related Achievements

The Godsmen Apocalypse Hoebagger