The Godsmen Apocalypse

Apocalype Begins (Act 1)

Destruction and New Beginnings

The party found themselves in the crowd during the The Mad Prophet’s rant in Nigburg as detailed in the Apocalypse subheading of the Historical Setting page. They were not acquainted with one another, it was simply a matter of happenstance that they were all in the crowd. Also in the mob were an assortment of Godsmen from the Northwest Division, who were on a mission to investigate the prophet’s threat level.

After the Mad Prophet unleashed his device upon the crowd, a loud voice cried out “I STAB AT THEE!” and a harpoon sped into the chest of the prophet. Captain Ahab had initiated the counterstrike of the Godsmen who were dispersed among the crowd. They instantly sprang into action.

In the span of an instant Terry “Dustbones” Mansford quickly cast a time stop. Instantly, the skies opened up and a rain of fire came sped down from heaven to consume the Prophet and his associates, but Terry’s actions were too quick to be followed.

Despite the deaths of the offenders, the crystal monument continued to pulse and devestated the environment around it. As the sounds of destruction from other parts of the city added to the cries of pain from the crowd, the Godsmen quickly decided to retreat and opened a portal back to their base. The Godsmen ushered some survivors into the gate but were unable to save everyone, luckily most of the party made it into the gate in time. Dustbones remained behind, clearly fascinated by the doomsday device.

The party, along with Captin Ahab, Lady Farith Wyvernjack, Saint Lucky Pete, and a few other survivors were quickly ushered through into the Northwest Division Godsmen outpost. The area was beautiful, but there was no time to take in the surroundings because the group all complained of feeling ill and corrupted. They were quarantined into a Magnificent Mansion located within the hospital area of the outpost. Within a days time they began showing very disgusting side effects and traditional healing was unable to deter the effects.

Given the seriousness of the situation, Steve the Lesser called in a personal friend (Abdul) to help the situation. Abdul, an ancient lich of surprisingly good humor, decided to use the situation in order to forge a special deal with the Godsmen in which he not pay for services rendered for an unspecified amount of time. Seeing the curious potential of the deal, Steve the Lesser told the uninitiated survivors that he would heal them provided they joined the Believers of the Source to repay Abdul. They unanimously agreed and Abdul cast a wish spell to remove all ill effects from the group before teleporting away in a fit of laughter.

The party then underwent the ritual to become initiates in which they passed through an arch in the encampment that teleported them to a strange area that tested their resolve and intellect with a series of deadly puzzles. The party survived, but the two other survivors with them in the test.

Upon exiting the demi-plane, they were attacked by doppelgangers who were disguised as the two survivors who perished. Belas Kilath assisted the party in fighting them off and officially welcomed them to the Godsmen.

The group had a very stressful day that led to a strange and uncertain future. The world may have ended, but they were momentarily safe with the Northwest Division of the Godsmen.



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