The Godsmen Apocalypse

Haunted Church (Act 1)

When shit gets real

Resume: Jon notices nothing. Bimberg lays down b/c he’s out of breath. Jon hides.

Jon fort saves. B: “this nigga’s herp derp.” Jon gets tainted for Crazed.

Scythe provides a light source.

They come upon a creepy sacrificial area.

They attack and subdue an elven woman in the upstairs loft.

Elf: Blonde hair, Green, looks crazy.

In her pack: Holy Symbol, Mace, Splint Mail. 4 scrolls. No other stairs.

Josh: If we don’t have to kill her, let’s not. Dagger is non magic.

Different symbol than the one of the church. Altar is the focus of the unhallow spell. Cold iron and Steel. Feels cold to the touch. Josh finds the skeleton attic.

They decide to clean up the place. They create a relief.

Josh puts together that its a sac dagger that they found.

Bim goes insane.

Josh pins her elven woman, fight goes he’s at 1hp. brief. awkward. He ends up killing her.

“Time is a great trial on every person, and in time, all people are tested. Think about it.”


“I killed her, even if she’s evil he should have paid.”

“How do you know a person’s time?”

J:“Godsmen about evolution. This life could’ve brought her closer.”

“Who are we to do such a thing?”

The convo goes well.

Life in the balance.

The party goes against Godsman philosophy to resurrect the elven woman. They resurrects old girl, she’s pissed. She knows it’s Nerull in the scythe she makes josh swear allegience to it. She is surprised, laughs her ass off and says she’s going to follow you to see how it turns out. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
“My life is not in the balance.”



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