The Godsmen Apocalypse

The first outing (Act 1)

To Mistedge and the forest.

Communication with the outside world was very sparse, and every day Steve the Lesser would inform the Godsmen of the outpost that there simply was no work. In truth, he was scrambling behind the scenes to reestablish communication with the outside world.

After a few days the remaining pockets of humanity began crying out for Godsmen aid, and (as far as Northwest Division knows) there are no other divisions currently accounted for. Whether the other divisions were destroyed or simply in disarray remains to be seen, but for now the duty of carrying on the faction’s good name rests in the least competent likely branch.

Having spent a week familiarizing themselves with the encampment and getting other logistical concerns out of the way, Mike and Josh were ready to begin taking some of the many missions flooding the Godsmen. Although the party had been initiated into the faction, they were not yet full standing members, and as such were not yet worthy of being issued portal sticks from Steve the Lesser. Thereby they needed a full standing member to come along before they could embark on any missions. Mike and Josh decided that they should check the mission board before attempting to enlist aid.

The following missions were available at that time (Monday May 21st):

1. Conducting a security check of the Lich Abdul’s phylactery.
2. Purifying and retaking a church in Beach Hallow.
3. Investigate poisonous and tainted area outside of headquarters.
4. Investigate fort Mistedge, who fell out of contact recently.

After browsing over the available missions, the party decided to take the mission to reconnect with Mistedge in hopes that the survivors fleeing there could take a proactive approach to surviving the apocalypse. After a short debate over which Godsmen should accompany them, they headed to the Triage center to request help from Lady Farith Wyvernjack.


She eagerly accepted the invitation. After receiving her portal stick (and a stern reminder to wear their Godsmen embroidered attire) they set off through The Archway. They came out to the southwest of Mistedge and saw smoke coming from it. To speed along, Mike conjured horses for himself and Josh, and they sped to the fort. Upon mounting his horse, Mike began throwing up. Not wanting to waste time he ignored it and urged his steed on in the direction of Mistedge.

Upon arrival they saw a large line of refugees waiting to get into the fort and discovered the source of the smoke to be nothing more than a large trash pile burning out of the need for more space within the walls. Lady Wyvernjack addressed the guard captain and ascertained that the head of the fort (a man named Jovak) was out dealing with raids on the supply lines feeding resources into the fort. The party gleaned out that the situation was rather dire, and that the few days since refugees had begun pouring in were quickly overtaxing the fort (which was not accustomed to such numbers). They decided to relieve the fort by protecting the northern trade route between Mistedge and the various barbarian tribes of the north.

Mike and Josh discovered a local boy who could lead them along the path to one of the choke points where the caravan often came under attack in exchange for investigating what became of his home after “them big explosion noises.” Mike conjured new horses and went along with the boy, who informed them his name was Tiny Tim.

They came to his family’s land and discovered that all the animals had been slaughtered by unnatural means and left dead instead of harvested even for food. In his grief, Tiny Tim fell upon his families only cow and the stench of death did not leave him for hours.

Pushing on, the party crept up to the ridge where the convoy was often ambushed (under the cover of Mike’s illusions) and waited for the supply train to pass by.

Eventually, the convoy passed by lead by Jovak. Mike decides to fly down and meet them on the road. Jovak stops the procession in order to assess Mike, their conversation is cut off briefly as flaming arrows hit the canvas on both wagons.

Two groups of goblins emerge on the far side of the canyon and take launch another volley at the motionless wagons. Josh spurs his steed out from the illusioned cover and attempts to jump the gorge. He is unsuccessful and abandons his horse mid flight to land on the side of the far cliff. His horse falls and kills one of the guards with the Mistedge convoy. Jovak conjures large amounts of water above the flames. Michael takes flight before conjuring a horse above two of the goblins. Following his cast, a minotaur rushes from the cliffside, jumps, and grapples him to the ground. Jovak assists Mike in dispatching the minotaur while Lady Farith successfully leaps the gorge and engages their foes on the opposite side.

After the battle they accompanied Jovak back to Mistedge and gave him advice on improving the town’s situation, chiefly by turning the refugees into functioning members of a society working for their stay. Having completed their first mission, the group returned to the Godsmen encampment.

Purifying the water supply



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