The Godsmen Apocalypse

Through the Waterfall (Act 1)

The Rabbit hole

Notes Mostly

They go in and mike dancing lights. He points out strange coloration of the moss, they get shocked by a lizard.

M: “You bring a torch?”

They go in and attempt to swim through an underground underwater area.

Josh sucked under: can’t break free, Bimberg wings of flurry. Foe runs off cackling.

They find the scythe of Nerull.

Josh gets mildly phobic of water.

Desmond Tiny identifies the scythe they found.

Missions: 1) Abdul’s security.*
2) Purifying and retaking a church in Beach Hallow.
3) Investigate poisonous and tainted area.
4) Investigate fort Mistedge who was.
5) Waylay Raiders off the Eastern Coast

Talking to Ahab. You’re wanting me to go raid without a ship. Just find cats for it.

“M: We need something to catch them with?

J: He gave us a fucking basket."

They will do a pheromone cat major image and bag it. St. Lucky Pete gives trap advice.

Mike makes illusion of cat field. Jonathan sneaks up and grabs it. 1 Toirteshell, 1 Maine coon. The Toirtoshell tries to escape. In the morning Ahab goes with em.

They find a priest who gets Alipd, Jon hi\des, Bimb zone of silence.

Bimb tensers him. “BOOM BAZOOKA JOE!!!!!!!!!” DESTROYED.



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