Alexis Monroe

Bulky Human Neice


At almost the exact other end of the physical spectrum from her uncle, 17 year old Alexis Monroe is very much a human, although at 5’10" she towers over most other women she meets. She is also broad-shouldered and thick with muscles. Her bust is considerable, although most men who find their attention drawn to it soon regret it, as they will be meet with either a glare or her poor attempt at a flirtatious wink.

She isn’t unattractive by any means, but whatever draw her plain features may have are overshadowed by her innate warrior nature, which is usually more than enough to dispel all but the bravest or drunkest of men. Drinks help her drop this demeanor, although too much and she will get clingy or be found engaged in a brawl, neither of which end well the next day when she awakens in an alleyway or a strange bed.

Alexis is light skinned woman with a square face and a flat nose that has only ever avoided being broken through sheer luck. Her eyes are deep green and she has long, thick red hair. She would secretly like to cut it short to keep it practical, but her great uncle has mused that he thinks it makes her look wonderful, so she keeps it long. She is, as of yet, unaware that her namesake had hair just like hers and always kept it long. In all probability Caven himself doesn’t realize that this is why he is so fond of it.

She wears the strongest armor she could both afford and get hold of, reluctant to take any charity from her great uncle since, to her knowledge, he was never the richest of men. She has been given a few gifts over the years from other warriors who have passed through her town. She does not know that these items have been passed to her from her uncle through the warriors, as he knew that she wouldn’t have accepted his spending his “hard won money” on her.

Other than the practical items of womanhood, she tends to own the same sorts of survival things that he does, taking his lead when they need to stock up on supplies between journeys.

The only concession she has made to this was an Adamantine Great Sword that her uncle had commissioned for her before he took her out into the world, as he’d decided that a great warrior needed a weapon to match and it was just too beautiful for her to turn down.

Alexis Monroe

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