Ariel Arcandance

Jon Varns' Human Sorcerer


“Being very attractive and wearing very little, Ariel likes to be thought of as the typical “hot blonde.” She seems to think it throws others off their game. She likes the attention of humanoid men, often winning them over with plenty of charm and when their guard is down she seems to be able to get her way.

She shies away from melee combat, and refuses to wear armor or carry a weapon. However, she is utterly fascinated by magic, using it often and enjoying seeing it used."


“She has no idea where she was born, who her parents are, or even her original name. She was discovered very young, barely walking, and abandoned by a group of gypsies who say she had already developed a sense of magic power by casting dancing lights. She was discovered thanks to that very trick.

Growing up with the gypsies was fun, and with the chance and the encouragement to continue exploring magical powers she developed a strong handle casting a variety of illusion spells for friends, foes, and crowds even at a young age. As an attraction, she earned the title of “The Wonder” by being the most attractive underage spell caster in history (at least that’s what was claimed).

However, as she came of age she began to realize the exploitation that the leader of her clan had put her under, and she began plotting against him. One night after a huge show, her leader called her in so that she might receive her cut. She seduced him, casting him into a deep trance, stole all of his money and fled unseen into the nearby forests.

Two weeks later she arrived hungry, tired, and weak in a small town that she knew was not on any map. She fell at the doorstep of the temple where a welcoming cleric took her in and helped her recover. Following her recovery, she thanked him profusely and paid him a healthy sum.

Not knowing where to turn, she build a small campsite outside of the town and began experimenting with her magic again. This time, however, her spells were much more powerful than before. One evening, during the casting of an unknown spell, she was discovered by a tall, considerably unattractive Skulk.

Being a nomad in the same manner that she was, he inquired about a little R&R and she obliged him. While he rested, they talked and shared stories, becoming friends (perhaps even more). Late one night after an evening of ecstasy she rolled over to discover a note in the place of her partner reading: “I’m sorry I cannot stay, and cannot explain why. If I did, things may not go well.”

Steeling herself after a night of weeping, she packed her things and decided she would start looking for him, and began an adventure to anywhere. Year after year passed with no progress, he had seemingly disappeared into thin air. Eventually she began wondering the world until the apocalypse. Being thoroughly intrigued by taint, she joined the largest organization that she believed could be associated with more information on it: The Believers of the Source." -Jonathan Varns

Ariel Arcandance

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