Caden Ras

A dragonborn of Bahamut who associates with the necromancer plaguing Death's Embrace.


Caden Ras does not strike an impressive pose. He is often doubled over, constantly scratching at his scales, frequently stopping conversation with bouts of coughing. Being in his company is unpleasant at the very least.

He adorns himself in rags and is frequently disheveled. This contrasts starkly with the hints of blue scale that appear beneath the grime covering him. This provides an unsettling sight as most Dragonborn of Bahamut are fastidious in their hygiene.


Not much is known of Caden Ras. Nearly all attempts to pry into his background are fruitless. He is either an obscure person, or a nobody.

The name “Caden Ras” seems out of place, but few people are able to discern why. Some linguists believe that the names are either two first names or two surnames randomly placed together. Regardless, the name does not fit a noble Dragonborn of Bahamut.

What is known is that he serves the necromancer, Lanfalcon Aldbeold (an incredible Frost Mage). It has been hinted at that he has an association with the taint of evil currently covering the land.

The party discovered he is undoubtedly severely tainted and unmistakably evil. This conflicts with the fact that he is a Dragonborn of Bahamut as all dragonborns who stray from the path of goodness are accosted by Bahamut and have their scales crack and twist off of them (Races of The Dragon p15). Ras’ habit of scratching has led the party to presume this is what is taking place, but none of their knowledge has been used to pursue this avenue of thought.

Caden Ras

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