Caven Henderson

Dragonborn Purifier of the Hallowed Doctrine


Caven Henderson is a 102 year old Dragonborn and has been in this form for so long that few people are left alive that remember his original, and even their memories have begun to fade, although his basic shape has not changed that much. He is bipedal and is only fractionally larger than what he was before, which is not very intimidating, all things considered. Aspects of his original body do shine through as his divine heritage refuses to be hidden altogether. As such, he emits phantom sparks that shine with an otherworldly glow, as if say “This is no ordinary being,” though he has just put it down to his divine heritage acting sullen and dramatic at his ‘slighting’ it in favor of a Dragonborn body.

These days he looks most like a Bronze Dragon, with single set of horns atop his head and a spiny ridge going down from the back of his head to the base of his neck. A pair of wings grow out from his back and it is clear that they are still growing, despite his age, as if they know that they will need their greatest strength for the fights ahead.

He does not wear armor, as he feels that since his strength flows from Bahamut, there is no reason to not trust his safety to his divine might via the spells he provides to him. The only concession to this is the plain Monk’s belt he wears, though even that derives much of its use from his own skills and wisdom rather than any great innate power.

As he does not wear armor, he travels in plain traveler’s grab, persuading most people that he meets on the road that while he is Dragonborn, he is still more a harmless old creature than a true threat. That he is very much one of the more curious members of the party as his attention drifts through the world around him lends much aid to this act, although to dismiss him out of hand is often the last mistake many a highwayman has made over the years.


Caven Henderson was born a Lesser Aasimar to poor parents and so from a young age those around him suspected he was destined for great things. His life long obsession with both fighting and stopping taint and putting down the dragons of Tiamat would subvert those thoughts, though, so his destiny is now much more his own.

As a lad, he grew up on the stories of dark dragons fighting knights and terrorizing the world around them, only to be stopped by great warriors and wise men. When he was 14, his own town was attacked by a Red Dragon and it was as if all his worst fears had come true. That it abducted his little sister, Alexis, just made it that much worse.

When a group of passing Dragon Born heard his sorrowful tale, they went out, slayed the Dragon and returned with Alexis, shaken but alive and whole. In that moment, Caven pledged his life to the service of Bahamut in thanks.

Over time he grew stronger under the light of Bahamut, taking on the mantle of a Dragonborn himself eventually and forgoing his own divine heritage. He would likely have never thought of any other path until his sister grew sick with Taint.

His home village was near a natural wellspring of taint, never serious enough to throw up a true danger beyond becoming infected with taint through exposure to the wellspring itself.

This might not have come into play but for a terrible drought. Every spring, stream, and river became dry while most wildlife left the area. His sister, now married to a certain Robert Monroe, had several children and could not just leave the place with her brother to find a new home. When they discovered that the tainted area had fresh water and plenty of animals (deformed but alive), it seemed that the gods had smiled on them.

It soon became obvious that this could not be further from the truth. Robert and Alexis’ children grew sicker each time they ate or drank. Alexis grew sicker still as she prepared each dish for her growing family.

Caven searched everywhere for the solution to their sickness, as no power of his served to do anything for them.

It wasn’t until a chance encounter with a Purifier of the Hallowed Doctrine that he learned what was happening. The Purifier taught Caven as much as he could, guiding him through the first steps on the path to becoming a true Purifier. Once he knew enough to begin to stop the damage to his family, Caven raced back save them but it was too late by then. Alexis was dead.

He brought most of the rest of his family back and taught a few other clerics some of what he knew, but he remained the only true Purifier in the area for some time, watching for the dragons of Tiamat and standing guard against the Taint, never marrying or having children of his own.

His dead sister’s family grew after she died, becoming a clan in and of itself by the time Alexis Monroe, great grandniece of Caven, was born. Caven cared for his sister’s family as a part of his duty to her for his failure to save her, but nothing more than that except for Alexis.

She reminded him of her, so he indulged her. He encouraged her to learn to defend herself, diverting fighters and warriors to their conclave so she could learn their styles.

Meanwhile, she watched him live recklessly and act without thought, so she silently learned control so that one day she would be up to the task of protecting him, both from outside dangers and himself, as she loved her great uncle and wanted to keep him safe.

One day Caven thought that Alexis was of an age where she should go out into the world and make her way there, free of the threat of Taint in their village. It was while on the road that Alexis began to take a much greater interest in sex and drink, though she tried to keep this from her great uncle.

Naturally the first city they arrived in was Nigburg, the same city as the mad prophet, and once the Taint exploded access the world Caven decided that the safest place for Alexis to be was now with him. They’ve traveled together ever since.

As for his duty to his family, Caven let them know what was happening and tried to tell them to get to one of the safe places he was aware of. Some of them listened, but many more decided that as a Purifier, he was the safest place to be and so followed him, eventually winding up settling down into the Isle of Freedom alongside the Northwest Division of the Godsmen. A few, such as Alexis’ father, John, a druid of some skill, decided to go into the wild to fight the Taint themselves.

As of yet the Godsmen have had mixed reactions to them, though most feel that so long as they don’t bring Taint onto the island and leave them alone, they can do what they want as much as anyone else living there.

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Caven Henderson

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