New Steve

The man who replaced Steve the Lesser as Godsmen administrator.


New Steve is an incredibly organized and well groomed man who functions as the administrator for the Godsmen of Isla de Frie following Steve the Lesser’s untimely demise at the hands of Demons that ransacked Northwest Division.

He is a well groomed human man in his early 30’s who insists on wearing formal attire constantly.
He does not carry any weapons, but he does carry a codex that he often takes notes in (probably for organizational purposes).


He is efficient in every way that Steve the Lesser was inefficient. He is always prepared and never spends any time digging through files to get things accomplished (much to the enjoyment of those under his jurisdiction). He occasionally gives cryptic messages to the party, and mildly hinting that he is a powerful diviner. No detect magic or alignment spells have ever produced results on New Steve.

New Steve

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