Saint Lucky Pete

The virtuous storyteller of the Northwest Division Godsmen.


Saint Lucky Pete is a highly unattractive human with peg arms and peg legs. He constantly carries a very large pig that reduces his movement speed drastically. His virtuous nature brings a calming aura to those around him, and everyone would feel guilt at committing violence in his presence.


Saint Lucky Pete was originally a trap-maker who (through a hilariously disastrous turn of events) wound up trapped in a Maze by The Lady of Pain (overseer of Sigil)). He managed to escape, gaining him the nickname “Lucky Pete”, though it cost him both his arms and legs. After decades of bitterness, he was approached by a man called Hoebagger who cast a regenerate scroll upon him provided that Lucky Pete would serve in Hoebagger’s castle designing a number of devious traps to assail anyone who dare steal his most prized possession.

After years of faithful service, Lucky Pete eventually found religion and became a Saint. His vows of poverty, nonviolence, peace, and various other aspects have become holy standards by which all other holy men are measured. He is currently a Believer of the Source residing in the Material Plane. His association with Hoebagger has been ended for decades, but he still idly holds the fantasy that he might come again and call him to serve on one last adventure before he moves on to his next life.

Saint Lucky Pete

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