The Mad Prophet

The Mad Prophet who began the apocalypse in Nigburg


The Mad Prophet is a human with a shaved head and wild eyes. He wears a full bodied black robe over full plate armor. He uses a large scythe with a red blade comprised of brilliant energy (DMG p 224) that provides an eery red glow that contributes to his strange appearance. Every inch of his exposed skin has been covered in black arcane markings, seemingly carved into his skin, that pulse with dark magic like a heartbeat.

He is often found in the company of four men in blackened full plate that wear hoods to conceal their identity. Each man is likewise covered in the strange arcane writings, but they each bear great swords rather than a scythe like their master.


The Mad Prophet of Nigburg has become a type of spectacle for the residents who often gather in the town square to hear his ravings. His mind was obviously scattered, as he would often speak as though he were a god, showing clear illusions of grandeur.

He has been known to spout curses upon those who offend him, but none of which seem to do any direct harm, thereby keeping The Prophet’s actions from making him a criminal. The police force of Nigburg consider him to be an oddity that is harmless, although rather strange.

No one had paid him any mind until he unleashed the weapon of the apocalypse on the world. It is not known whether he was part of a larger organization, but it would be impossible for him to simultaneously trigger so many other bombs at once.

The Mad Prophet

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