The Godsmen Apocalypse

To Sea (Act 1)


Night planning with Ahab reveals they travel to the Isle of Freedom. He mentions monster hunting.

The crew eats and sleeps. During the huge ass storm. Jon throws up, mike casts spells to fuck with him.

Bimberg uses the physical skill card to give the party an advantage. Ahab explains they’re being attacked by a Maultooth. They’re going to attempt to shoot the anchor into its eye and drop the cannon off to rip it out.

They spears him in the eye. Josh picks the cannon up and throws it over. It’s blinded and took some damage.

Evemtually the party wins out.

After dinner. Ahab praises Mike for his ray of stupidity, they chat a bit.

Kuri Darkwood: advises josh to talk to the scythe in private. It draws him deeper into its influence.

At the Island they meet Miss Sylvia who captains the Red Planet. She’s human but her crew is rough. Her first mate is Nubble Grubbins the Half Orc. Her crew is 25 people it’s an Elf Wingship.

Ahab goes out to meet the Harbormaster “Bill Baxton.”

Ahab’s ship: The White Whale. Josh now has a reputation as a bitch but the scythe asks him to get 10 gallons of blood for him.

Ahab was a good pirate

The significance of the shape of the island is revealed to be that it is thought to have been a drop of blood from the heavens when Posiedon was forced off the material plane.

Ahab is hunting something protected by a caller of the deep.

Planning raid into town

Josh: Set up ambush going into the city,

Bim doesn’t like it. he suggests: Let them get drunk and ambush them at night. Though it is revealed her half-orc partner never drinks.

Cleric: How well liked is she?
Jon: she is fairly well liked.

J: We should get Ahab in there,

M: If he doesn’t illusion bitch!

Cleric: Would you rather be a skele or zombie?

Josh is talking up a mess of shit.

(She typically comes home and throws a huge party and shit. She never stays more than 3 days. She’s a Sea Witch, he is a Swashbuckler Orc.)

Jon hides shit goes down.

Miss Sylvia: Where the hell have you been for 20 years?
Ahab: I’ve been uh….have you heard about this monster.

The night of bartering goes well. The matter at hand is finding those monstas!



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