Isla de Frie

The Isla de Frie is a raindrop shaped island located in the heart of the ocean. It is one of the last known places in the world that has not been claimed by another country. This is mostly due to the fact that the island is populated by pirates who strongly resist conquerors. Being so far away from established law, the island is home to many exciting and disreputable sports and “luxuries” that are difficult to find in more traditional locations.

The indigenous people of the island have a number of shrines dedicated to unknown gods dotting the landscape. The island is mostly overgrown with tropical jungle, the only settlement is the one on the Northern cliffs overlooking the ocean. It is impossible to scale the cliffs to mount an attack against the city, and large watchtowers (usually staffed with drunken revelers) have a clear view of the entire island.


Though there are no officially written rules for the island, it is generally understood that the captain who has been on the island for the longest stretch of time (be it a week or an hour) is tasked with functioning as a “harbormaster” of sorts. Some captains institute a fee to dock, others couldn’t care less. The only real job of a harbormaster is to make sure that no imperialist types attempt to dock.

Geographical features

The island is characterized by a southern tip covered in a multitude of docks and other places for mooring vessels. The land steadily slopes upward through miles of jungle until reaching the northern area of the rain drop shaped island. This area holds a robust settlement that has progressively grown as the needs of visitors have evolved. This settlement is at the highest elevation of the island, therefore providing a view of any oncoming threats and allows for captains to keep a general eye on their ship with the help of a spyglass. The distance is too great for any but the keenest of eye to make out specifics, but enough to be able to tell if a dimwitted crewman has torn the sails.

Isla de Frie

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